dang, this is what the blue used to look like on mastodon? I've gotten so used to the new one

apparently if u open a file in a progressive web app on iphone (added to home screen)...

so from what i have read (and cannot find again) theres this dumb ass bug in windows that i seem to have been experiencing where if my computer is awake when a temporary ipv6 address expires, ipv6 connectivity stops working and delays everything that times out and switches to ipv4.

>netsh interface ipv6 show addresses
is it because it keeps using the deprecated address for some reason?

i have to reconnect the wifi (second image is after)

really annoyed cause i'm not sure what to do about it

hmm it seems theres no way for to add to favorites, only reactions. and misskey favorites is just a private list

why the nvidia sticker wearing away while the intel sticker fine

what the hell is this and how do i get in without being killed just being in proximity of unidentified monster

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